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How does Home Depot measure customer satisfaction?

Does Home Depot have or rely on some type of metric to measure customer satisfaction? Do they have surveys or things for customers to participate in to measure how customers feel about the store and the service they received? Will vote for the best answer.

How does Home Depot measure customer satisfaction?
I was employed at a Home Depot most of 2005 during a "career change". I worked in many areas because it also, was and still is, the Home Depot I routinely shop, therefore, I knew about most items and locations. I could also, as a "home handy man", explain some items, i.e., home repairs, in some cases, best product for needs, etc.

I never saw a survey, a cash register receipt with number to call, nothing for "customer satisfaction" info. Home Depot, Lowe's continue with increased profits, every year. I would say this is THEIR customer satisfaction indicator.

In today's world we live in a society of "negative" people. Why? Too many of us form opinions, not on FACT or PROOF, but what we want to believe. We "dwell" on the "problems" of others, only "seeing" and "hearing" the "bad", NOT willing to understand. "Losers" in life that come home and watch TV, only see "negative" news, maintaining their individual "boring" life. MOST Americans will, as soon as possible, call to report a "complaint" on an employee if there was a problem. HOW ABOUT those that go beyond expectations, do their job as expected, help in any way possible, DO WE on average get their name and make a "positive" call, NO!!!! ONLY when same employee makes a "mistake" in any way.

I did ask once about "complaints" our store received, by the way, I had none. We were a very busy store daily until late hours and averaged 15 daily complaints, only few in a week complimenting. Home Depots, I'm sure with Lowe's as well, are extremely dedicated to insuring proper "training" and "orientation" is conducted before anyone starts work. This is a 4 day event and is very "detailed".

Before I was a Home Depot employee I often wondered why employees were or seemed unfriendly. Informative if I needed help on an install but very brief, to a point of being NO help at all. Almost "robotic" in nature at times was my personal description of employees, NO personality with any, saying a simple hello to "cashiers" you would think you "bit" off their arm, BUT now I know these answers.

Here is what employees are "trained" to do at Home Depot. Never offer too much "detailed" information on any product, if so, and the customer has a problem or gets injured, LAW SUIT. Being overly friendly, i.e., "You look great today" (seen by some as a "suggestive", "pickup" move), etc. LAW SUIT. Allowing a customer to assist "holding" wood or a "rug" while cutting, LAW SUIT. Any "presumed" cuss word, as a "simple", DAMN a customer may hear, LAW SUIT. Every imagineable way anyone can "think of" to "sue" has been done and will continue.

Remember, Home Depot, as I now know, is extremely "wealthy" and "profitable". "Look" at "all walks of life" doing business, and as you "cruise" the store, concentrate on what YOU see for possible "injury" or just a "bruise". Many LAW SUITS presented daily to Home Depot stores, are often in the 'customers" favor, regardless if an employee is "guilty" or not. Last thing Home Depot wants is "negative" publicity, it WILL NOT hurt business, but put into "individuals" (low life's) heads ways to also "profit" in the store, if on the "news". Typically, cash settlements are "offered" and "accepted", lying customer got what they wanted, although, much less than originally "suing for", but know, in court they will lose.

Important to understand, "legimate" claims must be "dealt" with under the "laws" swiftly, agreeable by both parties, mainly the customer "injured" or "insulted". Legimate claims are those requiring services of a doctor, emergency, possibly a "cut". "Word of Mouth" claims (cussiing, insults) usually require a "witness", especially if employee is a "good" employee.

Hope this helps. If you speak to or request help from a Home Depot employee it usually is not the nature or character of that employee if seemingly "brief", not smiling, etc. it is the Home Depot way.
Reply:I don't know but it must be better that LOWE'S

Just two days ago i had a very bad experience with Lowe's store.

Go to home depot

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